October 11, 2005

My Tissue Box Cover Collection
  • Well now that I've clicked on the link, it's time to go and rearrange my sock drawer... (~^)
  • ....
  • Wanker?
  • Seems like people on the Net are getting a little carried away with the online collections of things. So I went looking for My Colostomy Bag Collection. Alas, I didn't find one. I did, however, find these Colostomy Bag Cartoons. Enjoy!
  • I laughed until my seems split...
  • seams.
  • You know what's the worst thing about having a colostomy bag? Finding the shoes to match.
  • I liked the house one. There should be an Einstein one. OOh howabout a "Great Scientists" tissue box cover collection? Einstein, Newton, Hawking, Heisenberg (although you'd never really know if the next tissue was going to come up or not) . . .
  • ... Shroedinger's tissue box: no one knows whether the box is full or empty, and until you wipe your nose you must assume it is both.
  • Will one tissue from the Einstein tissue box dispenser be enough? Well . . .
  • Whatever caused the societal collapse of the builders of the stone-head tissue boxes. Great mystery waiting to be solved!
  • By the way, yes, these are the last days.
  • I'm glad there are tissue box covers on the internets. It helps to balance out the occasional goatse. I also like that this site has no justificaiton for collecting weird things - just a "For some reason I do, so hey check 'em out" statement. That I like. Nothing worse than a srtrange collection with some pandering statement trying to justify or normalize the weirdness. If you're going to post your oddball collection, hell, go all the way with it and own up to the fact that you're probably a little strange.
  • The tiki head tissue box reminds me of one that is being sold at the King Tut exhibit - it has the tissue come out of Tut's nose too.