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I got 10/15 on the quiz which I thought was so-so, but then I saw a lot of people did worse on Mefi, so maybe I'm better with chimps than I thought.

Saw this on Mefi and thought of good old MonkeyFilter so I had to post it here.

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Latest stained glass window made by my mom

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Still reading (lurking) - and obviously from the tardy response, not often enough. I claim the overloaded work schedule excuse. I don't check in as often as I used to, but I still wear my mofi shirt and listen to my monkey swap CDs and remember the halcyon days of yore. What is this odd malady that has slowed the pace of the monkeys? Is it the "economic downturn"? At any rate, this still is one of the best places on the web, I think.

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I'm generally not a big consumer of news programs, but I did catch a little bit of the ABC news show tonight (9/10) and they went thru several different people in interviews and the two widows I remember them talking to were both african-american. I was only watching for a short time though...

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ok, kinda lame I know... first time post (back to lurking)

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> Where the hell is the science in this article? Well, it looks like the author (profile) of the study has been saying the same thing for years or the study is actually old: Journal article from three years ago (summary only - 2nd to last on the page)

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(Probably just stating the obvious but...) with regard to the "los 80s" page - note that the person putting the page together just picked one (sometimes more) songs from a band and there are often many more on youtube. (and yes un-, even EBN OZN!)

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Another lurker...mostly 73

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scartol, I just bought a used Compaq laptop and I was planning on putting 98se on it, I hope I'm not heading for the same thing... I've seen this kind of behavior on laptops before, and chimaera touched on it. If you have the type of laptop where you can swap out the CD drive for a floppy drive, when you open the "My computer" level folder, it tries to load each of the drives on your PC. If it has seen both the floppy and the CD before, it tries to load both of them, but one of them doesn't exist, and Windows will try for a long time before giving up on the drive and finally displaying the folder. You would probably see this same behavior when you tried to save a file from an application and in the file dialog box, tried to navigate to the "my computer" folder. It was a long time ago, but I think my solution was, since I didn't use the floppy very often, I left the CD drive in the laptop and then in the device manager, disabled the floppy drive for the profile. Then if I needed the floppy, I'd have to go in and uncheck that box and disable the CD-ROM. There's probably a more elegant solution, but I think that worked for me.

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These rattling elephants might be lurking endomorphs.

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When I read your description, I thought - I know I have that on my hard drive! But when I went to look, I didn't. But what I did have were several pictures of angel statues from cemeteries which would seem like the kind of place you would find such a thing. So after some Googling... how about any of these? cemetery angel another cemetery angel third cemetery angel Angels and swords just don't seem to go together very often, it seems. This is probably not what you were thinking of, but the pose does seem to match your description. Along those same lines, there are this and this that both seem to have been ripped off from some common source like a book cover or poster.

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After completing the third scene, the fourth doesn't seem to want to load - it did work the other day when it was linked from the blue. I was trying to show it to my kids, but perhaps today it's overloaded...

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(Being for the benefit of Mr. K.) In the swim picture, I think he has his body turned more diagonally than what you first assume. I think his left leg is behind him and his right leg is stretched out in front of him. Almost like he's hanging five in a low crouch. One thing is to look at is the lines of the "tiles" on the side of the pool - if you follow the row of tiles from the one he has his left foot on "down" into the pool you would think that his right foot was behind his left foot, but then his right foot would appear smaller than the left one and instead it looks larger. Can you see it now?

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Here's the page with the map of individual rock's paths: in the lower right corner.

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When some idiot forwards the latest e-mail virus hoax message to everyone in the department, and then all the other idiots have to make their way, one at a time, down to your office (because you're the person in the department who "knows about computers") to tell / ask you about said hoax. grrrrr

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mgl - I have a different Canon PowerShot, but I can see from this picture at the Steve's Digicams pages that you linked to, that the plug looks like mine - it's a "USB mini-b 5-pin" Here's one place you can get one (TigerDirect) With the cable, you'll probably need a driver (maybe not if you have WinXP or MacOSX) - pick "Drivers" from this Canon web page. You'll probably be able to get the images off the camera with that, but to make it even easier, you're going to want the software that comes with the camera - and I couldn't find it anywhere on the 'net (just the upgrades if you already had the software) - so perhaps you could call Canon and see if there's a way to get a copy. (from their site: For toll-free technical support, please call 1 (800) 828-4040 during regular business hours (currently Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight. EST, Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., excluding holidays).)

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3 Monkeys in the 'Zoo - MuskratFajita, me and mynamehere sporting our awesome new mofi-Ts (with only a small amount of shipping-related caramel decorations) Many thanks to the left-coast monkeys!

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My favorite is Digital Photography Review. It has a nice comparison feature .

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Immediately reminded me of a piece from "This American Life" by Sarah Vowell (Second link on this page titled "Sarah's Dad's cannon")

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