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Yeah, but I won't wear down, the birds don't survive the process. A coat full of live geese would be its own set of problems and probably dangerous and not very comfortable, either, so I just want polyfill in my coats and for some reason that's really hard to find, especially since I won't wear fake fur, because I've seen too many articles about how it's often not real fake fur. I just found a coat that is exactly what I wanted yesterday, though! It was only $30, too. This never happens, usually I just buy whatever I hate least in the category I want and then won't wear it because the one I hate least is still one I hate.
Stupid spambot goose killers.

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Now that you point it out, it certainly should be!

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Oh lovely, I wonder how many other cities and towns get their drinking water from the same river?

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You forgot about the Flying Knee. How can you hope to get anywhere without the Flying Knee? Hopeless.

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Everyone will say you could have stuck that right back on with duct tape but really packing tape works much better.

Two cups of tea here, and then oatmeal for lunch, but would rather have just slept so much more.

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These were probably a few months before I signed up. Wow.

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I know, I know, I really need to get moving on the goat post. Geez.

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The headline makes the clinical trial results sound kind of terrifying until you read the article. Like maybe subjects were just popping out new teeth or something.

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I dunno, my plans mostly seem to involve sending money to certain organizations (ACLU, SPLC, refugee resettlement services) and then curling up into a ball in a corner somewhere. But my Congress members are all very conservative and do not care what I think.

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Stuff I should have included in the first place: drone video of the ship before it broke up, and two videos of the ship breaking up (second one is long, I haven't bothered to watch it all).

Ah, dammit. It was originally meant to go to the Washington Post article about the ship breaking.

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Well, we already knew the timeline had gone all screwy.

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An article about the raccoons eating Doritos.

You probably have more raccoons around than you know. In the five years I've been here in my house (in a city) I had only ever seen two or three around and only one in my yard, but when I got the trail cam I discovered I regularly have several on my porch at night (along with a number of possums and neighborhood cats). I already knew they got around in the storm sewers, though. The raccoons are great but I'd be too worried about rabies to try to pet one or feed it whipped cream straight from the can or Doritos from my hand. Possums are safer, resistant to rabies and not all that ferocious (but I have a thing for possums), and I'd still probably not try it.

Still undecided about putting my dull trail cam pictures on a tumblr.

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Are there any organizations in your area that do TNR programs? Anything like Alley Cat Advocates?

I have one cat who is allowed outside during the day because she can't get along with the inside cats. She gets fed on the porch and sometimes she eats all or most of her kibble but most of the time she doesn't, and other neighborhood cats or possums or raccoons come to finish it off, and to drink the water I leave out. A couple of months after I posted this I bought a cheap trail cam that gets night pictures and now I go out every day to pull it and look at pictures of all the critters who have been on the porch to eat or drink or just investigate. I have thought about putting each days (edited) results on a Tumblr or something but just haven't.
Can you guys try TNR with your ferals or does your area not have anything to help out? I have an old friend in a more rural area who does that now, and while there are no or few kittens any more there are still occasional new cats showing up as they stray or are dumped out there.

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It's more activity than the site has seen in a while, and it sounds like bernockle has to get it out somewhere, so maybe win/win?

In "Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story "

Just glanced at this very quickly ad misread it as "The Harvey Wallbanger Story" and I have nothing of interest to add to that.

In "The feral cats of Disneyland "

And related: the Hermitage cats! (In Russian).

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