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We did have Erin Brockovich come to town yesterday or the day before to meet with some people. And Governor Roy Cooper met with local officials, too. What levels are higher than that? Trump? The Pope? Oprah? Angelina Jolie?

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I guess he has some sort of hour-long show he does on youtube? I saw a recent episode where he interviews Letterman for the full hour. I really enjoyed that. And now I hear that Letterman is going to do some new show for Netflix or Amazon or one of those deals. I shall check it out.

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I clicked the first link and spent a good deal of time trying to figure out if that photo of the owners with some velvet paintings in the background was actually a velvet painting itself.

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I don't think that the water here reaches any other places. The river dumps out into the ocean right here in Wilmington. Of course, it should be noted that I do not approve of dumping chemicals into the ocean.

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We just had a case locally where a man was convicted of a murder with no body. Evidence? 1-Previously had killed his stepdaughter. 2-Write fantasy stories in prison about killing women. 3-Last person seen with her. 4-Her phone records show that her friends and family continued calling her in the days after she disappeared. The defendant, however, stopped calling her as soon as she disappeared. 5-Police dug up his yard to look for a body. Instead, they found the body of another woman. He is now awaiting trial in that case.

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In my imaginary world, this post would have been popular on Monkeyfilter. In my imaginary world, tracicle would be a huge Better Call Saul fan. In my imaginary world, everyone travels with their own toaster.

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There was a sign on the side of the road I saw every day on vacation. They had buckets with the word "ice" written on them. They apparently had a different product in stock and changed the writing on the buckets. They now clearly said "ice worms for sale." Alas, they were not selling actual ice worms.

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I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are having highly publicized issues with a chemical in our drinking water called GenX. Seriously, that's it's name. I can't link for shit, but you can google the hell out of it.

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That is awesome. There was a bit of an Abyss vibe to the video. If that was a catalyst for war....ugh.

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I haven't had worms in years. No idea.

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I have a soft spot for people who take bribes and then don't deliver what the bribe was supposed to be for.

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I am pleased to have found the internet's single slowest webpage. That was the true purpose of the post.

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Wow. That guy is big-time. He has the star of the new Transformers, Spider-man, and Planet of the Apes movies on at the same time? That would not happen on an American show.

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My parents live next door to us. My wife and I will typically give the stray cats names. My mother will do this also. My mother's names are typically just descriptions: Blackie, Stripes, Furry, etc.
It reminds me of the episode of The Office when Michael takes Jim to corporate and wants to impress Jim by demonstrating that he knows everyone.
"Who's that guy?" "Beardie."

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I don't know much about the history of people intentionally going to jail to receive medical care. I wonder how common that is. It would be tragic if that became even remotely commonplace.

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Also, traffic doesn't look that bad. I wonder what time of day it is.

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I am confident that the screen is more likely to change first for Trump. He has a lot of things going for him. Most importantly, I think his terms ends first? Also, he is far more likely to die or have to resign for health reasons. Lastly, he has a slightly higher chance of being forcibly removed.
On the other hand, I know nothing.

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A monkey could only successfully run for president if it would cause a sufficient amount of liberals to cry.

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We have a bunch of kittens who have recently been born near our house. We feed outdoor strays. They multiply. Getting them fixed sounds like a great idea but it is difficult to do and costs money. Anyway, there is some disease that many of the kittens get. Some make it, some don't. Yesterday was a day one did not make it.

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I imagine there will have to be some sort of mass commuting of sentences in several years as prisons become overflowing with elderly people who do not pose a danger to society. One of the problems with a democratic system is that voters are always in favor of being harder on criminals, so politicians don't want to risk re-election by trying to do something that makes things less harsh on criminals.

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